How Welders Can Stay Healthy

Welders who use machines from Welding-Champs need to stay healthy because their job is a physically demanding one. But how can one stay fit?

1. Exercise


It’s essential for welders to work out because doing so will help them avoid illnesses. Muscles that are strong and organs that function well can contribute to enhanced stamina, enabling welders to become more efficient. Regular exercise will help you use less energy for the exact same activity. Your bones, ligaments, and muscles will be grateful for the toning and strengthening they’ve received from exercise. Trust me. Even your posture will improve. Remember that welders usually stay in one position to create a good weld. So you’ll need to work out to stretch out! Doing so will make your body more flexible. Welders who are flexible have lower chances of injury at work, plus, they have better coordination and balance compared to those who don’t work out. When you exercise regularly, your sleep and your mood will also be better. Besides, studies show that exercise and breathing workouts can improve the ventilatory function in welders’ bodies.

2. Balanced diet

Welders also stay healthy by eating the right kind of food. By that, I mean having a balanced diet. Different kinds of food must be included (except junk foods). Healthy welders opt for foods to make sure they have sufficient energy to perform their tasks. Eat vegetables, fruits, and avoid too much sugar. Know how much vitamins and minerals you need depending on your age. You should also eat slowly since it could take around 20 minutes for our brain to register that you’re full. Control your appetite for unhealthy food like processed food; they are bad for your health.

3. Wearing the appropriate outfit

people-weldingLastly, it’s also important to sport the right welding attire before working. Welders must wear eye protection—a welding helmet or a pair of goggles can help in this aspect. Remember that there could be a lot of dust when performing overhead work. Be sure to protect your beautiful face especially when chipping, grinding or using a wire brush; when dealing with molten metals or chemical; when sandblasting; and when working with flying particles.

Also, you should wear long sleeves to protect your skin from sparks. Be sure to use a respirator to keep yourself safe from lead poisoning when sandblasting or welding on areas coated with old paint containing lead. Do wear close-toed shoes and welding gloves as well.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle as a welder by following these tips!

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Health Benefits of Doing It Yourself


I know, I know, it’s a bit counterintuitive to say that DIY projects don’t reduce stress. I mean, most of us have probably experienced cursing the instructions at some point. Some might even get small scratches, cuts, and bruises. Still, It’s stress-relieving if you remain calm and if you try to enjoy every single moment about it. Doing arts and crafts has been proven to combat stress, which is why it’s a recommended therapy for those who are mentally exhausted. Dealing with bead accessories are actually more stress-reducing than stress-inducing.


Doing projects yourself also increases your self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. The activity makes you independent, and it enables your brain to release feel-good hormones. A stressful day can be forgotten when you allow yourself to get absorbed by the idea of doing things yourself and doing it right.

Being confident doesn’t just benefit our mental health, it’s also linked to physical health. Depression, worry, and other mental disorders can contribute to different kinds of physical sicknesses. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, however, you’ll less likely have sicknesses due to poor mental health because of the self-esteem that continues to grow in you.


A study conducted at Otago in New Zealand found that among the 658 participants, those who engaged in creative activities were more optimistic and excited for tomorrow. As predicted, they felt more inspired and innovative compared to those who didn’t include any creative activities in their daily life for 13 days.

New Learning

The best health benefit about doing it yourself is the fact that DIY projects open doors to new things and new skills. You continually grow, acquire new sets of skills, and become more patient and receptive. DIY projects give you the opportunity to gain more knowledge, thereby keeping your mind sharp.

These projects can even be a lifelong hobby of yours, and that’s good because it gives you a sense of confidence. They can also introduce you to a new community that can help you become a better individual. Being into DIY is a rewarding hobby; not only will you be able to save money, but you can even earn money from it!

Parting Words

ryobi-handyman-wood-boardThere’s no reason not to try doing projects yourself. You don’t have to act like a professional handyman or woodworker right away. You can start with small projects like fixing a leaky faucet, installing DIY light fixtures, or even just by creating a DIY pencil holder through scrap wood. Anything is achievable so long as you’re willing and fired up.


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The Health Benefits of Coffee

Want to better your physical and mental health? Drink coffee regularly!

Physical Health

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Drink Coffee Food Cafe Background Table

Your heart is calling for strength. It demands to be strengthened, and coffee can help. Drinking two cups of coffee regularly can help your heart stay away from failure and illnesses. But drinking four cups a day can lower your risk of developing heart failure by 11%.

Liver Lover

Studies have even shown that coffee can decrease your chances of having liver cancer by almost 40%. Some published works even found that drinking three cups daily can reduce the risk by over 50%.

Mr.-Coffee-ECMP1000-5Coffee can also help you bid farewell to PSC or primary sclerosing cholangitis, which is a rare, progressive, and long-term liver disease.

If you value your liver, you’re going to check out the highest value espresso maker right now.

Alcoholics who wants (or needs) to lower their alcohol consumption should also drink coffee. Coffee, according to research, can decrease the prevalence of alcoholic cirrhosis by 22%.

Sugar, No Please!

Coffee can also prevent type 2 diabetes according to the researchers at the University of California by increasing the plasma levels of the protein sex-hormone binding globulin. Even the Harvard School of Public Health claimed that coffee could prevent the development of the said illness.

Mental Health

In A Good Mood

Want to improve your boost? Coffee can help! Research suggests that it can increase the production of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin—transmitters that are responsible for good mood. Research also discovered that coffee could help combat depression. As a matter of fact, consuming two coffee cups every single day can prevent suicide risk by as much as 50%. So, if you’re feeling a bit down, better grab your coffee maker and drink a warm cup of coffee right away!

Don’t Let the Zombies Eat Your Brain


When I say “zombies” I mean the lazy neurons in your mind that don’t want or can’t function properly, hindering you from finishing a task you have to complete or a goal you have to achieve. Drink coffee and sharpen your mind! Coffee has been proven to enhance memory skills and concentration so that you can be more productive and alert for the rest of the day (or night)!

More news about coffee

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Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Pool

Wondering what pool cleaning can do for your body? Read on to know the four benefits!

Your heart will be healthier.

Hayward-PHS21CST-Aquanaut-200When you clean your pool, you avoid sitting down for a long time. That makes the heart healthy. Studies show that those who move all day long are fitter than those who sit often. With the pool cleaner you got from, you can then make your heart a stronger muscle than it was.

You can say goodbye to unwanted calories.

Cleaning your pool with a vacuum pool cleaner can also serve as a workout as it can burn around 205 calories for every hour when cleaning. Imagine how much fats you can burn if you clean for two hours!

You can get rid of stress.

Pool cleaning can also relieve you of stress. A clean pool is a pleasant sight to behold, and the process of cleaning a pool also reduces anxiety. You can also vent out anger through pool cleaning, and the best part is at the end of the day, you’ll even end up productive! What’s not to love in pristine pool water anyway?

You get to swim in clean, safe water.


Of course, the most significant benefit is that you can swim in safe water without the bacteria and dirt. Cleaning will get rid of all the grime and debris in your pool, guaranteeing safety for you and other swimmers. Clean pool water also makes you want to swim more, which is an advantage in itself too. Swimming can also strengthen the heart, muscles, and bones. It also offers various mental health benefits. It can reduce anxiety, help you feel relaxed, and calm you down when you’ve had a bad day. Swimming is an excellent physical exercise, and we all know that. But you wouldn’t want to swim in dirty pool water, right? I’m positive you prefer to float in sanitary pool water.

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to keep your body healthy, better get a pool cleaner now and start cleaning!

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