How to Be The Last Man Standing in Rules of Survival

Want to level up your gaming life? Follow these tips and survive with ease in Rules of Survival!

Tip #1: Land Down First

Make it down first—don’t worry about anything else. It’s best for your feet to reach the ground first before your opponents since you’ll have a much better luck if you score some loot before they do. However, expect that you can’t always be the first to land. If that happens, then take your time to look for an area where you can hide, picking up weapons and helmets along the way. When you’re hiding, your situation will enable you to sneap on your opponents when they least anticipate it—do it like you’re a real, trained ninja.

Tip #2: Just Keep Running!


Just like in real life where you need to run to stay healthy, in this game, you gotta keep moving to stay alive! If you don’t move, you’ll be dead in no time. The worst thing you could do in this game is to stand still for so long. Remember that doing so will make you a target for others and will increase the probability of numerous enemies converging on your position. In this game, you shouldn’t aim to find a decent house and stay there.

You need to struggle with the gas circle too, which is tailored to keep gathering players in an area, so ensure that you keep moving en route to the new circle.

If you move and run a lot, you’ll have a greater chance of surviving the game. It’s pretty much the same in real life where you have to keep moving forward to grow and live. Remember, staying alive and living a life are two different things. In the virtual world of Rules of Survival, however, they’re the same thing.

Tip #3: Assess Your Situation

Rules of Survival

You have to accept that you can’t be 100% prepared all the time. That’s how the game works. But if you want to learn how to stay on top of the leaderboard, you need to learn how to evaluate the situation. Assess your weapon. Gauge the environment. With the type of weapon you have right now, can you bring down that strong enemy approaching? Learn how to pay close attention to the weapons other gamers are using. Is it single fire? Long-ranged? Is it an assault rifle? Knowing their weapon will enable you to assess if you can take them down at the moment or you need to get a stronger weapon first. Bear in mind that it’s okay to back down if you know you have a low chance of winning—that’s not cowardice, it’s bravery, and it’s a wise decision.



Being vigilant isn’t enough in Rules of Survival, you have to keep moving and keep practicing too. It’s also essential for you to always scan the situation before making a move. After all, this is a game where you compete with a hundred other players with the same objective as you have.  So take your time to strategize.