5 Bucket-List Races for Runners

For most runners, running a race or a marathon is all about the experience. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment it gives. With so many races across the globe worth signing up for, here’s a very short list of running events that should be on every runner’s bucket list.

1. Athens Marathon

Where: Athens, Greece
When: Annually – Early November
Distance: Marathon
Highlights: The course follows the footsteps of Pheidippides, the man who ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens that inspired the marathon of today as we know it.

2. Boston Marathon

Where: Massachusetts, USA
When: Annually – Third Monday of April
Distance: Marathon
Highlights: The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon in the world dating back a year after the after the successful marathon event at the 1896 Summer Olympic Games. It is widely-considered as one the most prestigious event of its kind and attracts thousands of runners from across the globe.

3. Great Wall Marathon

Where: Beijing, China
When: Annually – Third Saturday of May
Distance: Full marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K races)
Highlights: This race takes you along a route that offers great views of picturesque villages, scenic countryside, and about 7 kilometers of running on the wall. Nothing about this race is easy, especially once you get up the wall. But it would be totally worth it.

4. Inca Trail Marathon

Where: Inca Trail, Peru
When: Annually – June
Distance: 26.2 miles
Highlights: This high altitude run will test you. But it will also reward you with breathtaking views and the experience of running along the ancient trail that leads to the stunning and world-renowned Lost City of the Incas — Machu Picchu.

5. Marathon Du Médoc

Where: Bordeaux, France
When: Annually – September
Distance: Marathon
Highlights: The Médoc Marathon is touted as the longest in the world. The course passes through the vineyards of the Médoc and features a wide array of activities and attractions like wine tasting, musical performances, and food among others spread out across the route.